Germanys new right wing

It is a big and confusing world out there. Crises and wars around the globe cause the highest number of refugees since second world war. The increasing process of globalization shifts the importance from nations to individuals, making your actions more defining than your origin. Political correctness seems to be a necessity for being a part of our society. Germanys new right wing has an perfect answer to the biggest problems of our century: „Don´t bother me! I do not want my world to change.“ They express this sophisticated world view on three levels:

  1. in private conversations
  2. on the Pegida- Protests every monday, in tradition of the civil rights movement 1989
  3. in the newly founded party „AfD“ the „alternative for germany“ They all share the opinion that they are the victim of everything. Everybody misunderstands them. Which is quite easy because they constantly contradict themselves: The Pegida-Programme states that it is a human duty to give asylum to war refugees. The initiator of Pegida, Lutz Bachman however posted on Facebook that there are no war refugees and that foreigners are „animals“. The german State is investigating. Same with the AfD: In every talkshow Bernd Lucke appears he states that he does not have any prejudices against foreigners. He also referred to immigrants as „sozialer Bodensatz = social sediment“ several times. His party used the same slogan as the openly rascist „NPD“ in their campaign. When any member of the german right wing is confronted with these contradictory phrases they answer almost identically: The german, „unpatriotic“ press, often labeled with the nazi-term „Lügenpresse = lie press“ tries to push the only one, who dare to think differently „into the right corner“. They will be very enraged that you think this way. When the Piratenpartei was founded in germany a couple of years ago, they had a lot of very unconventional ideas. I can not remember a single time when they were called right or even nazi. 100% of my friends manage to talk about refugees, israel and the islam without being accused of being fascist. Maybe the Pegida-Demonstrations are perceived as right not because everybody believes the „Lügenpresse“, but because there are violent, xenophobic attacks after the marches. Hooligans assaulted german teenagers with knives, clubs and tasers and the participants of Pegida gave applause. Khaled Idris  was killed in Dresden, where Pegida has the most influence, on a monday night. It is not clear if there is a racist background. Maybe the AfD are seen as right because they are the „natural allies“ with these marches, because they want to get rid of our democracy as Konrad Adam, member of the governing body of the AfD, explains: „Netto profiteers of the state“ like elderly in pension and the unemployed should not be able to vote because they live at cost of the nation. I think I have proven that both the AfD and Pegida are both extreme right groups that have problems with the basic democratic values as freedom of press and the human dignity. But german politicians keep on saying that we have to listen to the followers of these movements, because they obviously do not all share the same values. There are quite a lot of people in my near surrounding that sympathize with these movements. They all think that it is really unfair that they are not allowed to be sexist or use words like „nigger“ nowadays. Many, like Lutz Bachmann, are criminal, but think criminal foreigners should leave the country…

I used to like Germany, because to me it seemed like a place where neither the color of your skin nor your religion are important for the way you are treated. Now Pegida says: „Wer Deutschland nicht liebt, muss Deutschland verlassen = If you don´t love Germany, you have to leave.“ If this right wing grows, I will leave and not look back.


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