Selfmade Christmas!

Lately things seem quite so relaxed. Conflicts, war and crisis apparently appear everywhere. In these times it is important to concentrate on the things we can change and give our power to those who deserve and desire it. But there are also things we can not change! (at least for now) So instead of worrying about them and getting our faces all wrinkled up, we should focus on something positive: christmas for example. So obviously many of you will say that christmas has degenerated from a immaterial time of love for your neighbor to a commercialized period of stress. And you are right. But I don’t think that boycott is the right answer. Instead we should try to give this holiday back its meaning. I am not christian, neither is the tradition of gifts, helping and seeking calm in winter. What about we rediscover this tradition? By making gifts, but recycled ones that help the environment instead of destroying it and also give us calm making them. Here is what my girlfriend and I did:Selfmade Chistmas We pimped up a simple notebook by adding a new cover, framed in a picture from the newspaper and converted an old wine box into a cupboard. You can also see a nice wallet made form a tetra pak in about 50 seconds and a key decoration from old tires. P1080559 These headphones were all orange and quite ugly, but I painted them and stuck some cloth onto them and now they look like this! Selfmade LightsThis is a candle light made from a old can: What about you? I would love to see your self-made gifts.
You can also check out this awesome website.


Home, Sweet Home

Since the international conflicts are increasing the issue of refugees shifts more and more into the focus of the public. I think when we talk about this topic it important to make some things clear:
1. They are humans, just like you.
2. We can not separate between „good“ and „bad“ refugees. People that leave behind their home, their family and friends, their city and the poster of their favorite musician will have a reason for that. Seeing 1., imagine you were to leave everything you love behind, not for vacation, not because you´re planing a new start, but because you have no other option. Everything you want to keep, maybe for the rest of your life, has to fit into a backpack.
Refugees Welcome Center
Photo credit:  Rasande Tyskar
How dare we say: „You are not a real refugee. You just left because of the economy.“? (Also thinking about the fact that it is mainly european companies ruining foreign markets by flooding them with dumping priced products and by paying wages that do not meet any living standards)
How dare we say: „You are stressing our state. You cost money.“  Reality shows that refugees do not get medical treatment „unless it hurts“. Children under 12 do not even get a toothbrush, not even talking about toys, education or even psychological help.
3. This is not your fault! (unless you’re Frontex, wasting nearly 90.000.000 € to keep out people we should welcome)
As one of favorite bands says:

„It is not your fault the world is the way it is. But it would be your fault if it stays like this.“

There are so many wonderful ways of making the lives of people that had to leave their country better: design chairs with them, support them by buying samplersopen a hotel with them, learning to cook from them, or even sharing a home with them. And soon you will notice there is no „them“. Because after all, we are all human.