Not afraid

We all know this feeling: People do terrible things to people, no matter if it is violence on the street or terrorism. We are afraid, we want justice, but most of all we do not want these things to happen again. So we say: „These people don´t deserve their rights!“ That is a natural reaction.

But I think we should over think this. All violence is the reaction to a problem. Acts of terrorism are a response to social problems. Putting someone into jail does not solve the root of the problem. For example in Germany there is a lot of violence of extremists as a consequence to the bad policy on asylum. Refugees are seen as victims or dangers by different parts of society because the government is making integration impossible.
Politicians caused a problem. Why should we the people give away our rights and hand over power the same politicians? Why should we be afraid of each other when instead we could solve the problem together. I think crisis are a sign that something has to change, not that we should hold onto an old model. In the end, trust is the best feeling.Show you are not afraid


Walls to Fall

sometimes this is more than a candle

It must have been a wonderful sight. Millions of people in peaceful protest uniting to a sea of candles. For a more democratic GDR. And due to this harmony there was nobody who could them. On the 9th of November they broke down the wall the politicians said would stand hundreds of years.

I have been there two days ago with my girlfriend and her parents. It was wonderful, as it always is with them. But I could not help the feeling that there still are oh so many walls to fall.
We are building walls around Europe. We are building a wall in the Ukraine. But the worst are the walls in our minds that seem to be taller than ever.

Last week on a the „Walls to Fall“ vision summit I met a wonderful person, called Van Bo. He is a genius who understood that a genius in not always needed. Sometimes it is just people with a common a vision, a little bit of hope and even some craziness.
So who of you has ever completed a goal you set yourself on the 1 of January? Nobody, of course. Nether have I. Why? Because we never choose goal that mean something to us and we try to fulfill them on our own. So you´ve already forgotten your goals a month after you set them. So this is my idea: Let us make the day of the fall of the Berlin Wall a day we decide on the next wall to break down. But not alone, but with somebody you lik, don´t like or maybe don´t even know. Set a goal you can achieve till the first day of new year. And the moment you reach it, it might be just as beautiful as the sea of candles. But only you can find out!

P.S.: If you can´t think of somebody to brake walls with, here we are!