New kind of luxury


The problem: Both the number of overstressed and therefore sick people and the carbon emissions are rising. We hurry day in day out to buy things we don´t have the time to use. If everybody lived like we did, we would need three planets to serve our desires.

The solution: Let´s go to mars! No, but seriously. I think my solution is way more fun anyway. Let us create a new kind of luxury. In the end what we want in life is nothing we can buy in any store in the world.

When I see ads on TV showing happy families in their new fancy cars on a road trip in nature I think two things:
1. To get the money to buy this fancy car to drive around with your family you give up the time you could use to drive around with your family. On bike maybe, but not thinking about that you have to be at work in half an hour.
2. The nature around you would be nicer without your car.

But now I´m just angry and complaining to the internet. That does not help neither me nor our planet. So let´s brake this up. The only reason we buy things we don´t need is to impress them. But what if we change this? What if it becomes impressing to have 4 workdays a week to spend more time with your family, friends and the things you already own?

I feel great when I have the time to go around town by bike. I like to grow and to cook my own food. I love spending time reading and writing on the internet instead of in shopping malls. This is an idea you can´t sell. So this is a movement of the people not states or companies.

But I think nobody can say no to the advice: „Just relax today!“


Smile today!

Do good and talk about it.

That´s the advice my headmaster gave me. I did not like it all that much to be honest. I do not like the idea of bragging. But then again when you watch the news you get depressed by the oh so terrible world that seems to be out there. You get that sensation of fear and this triggers two things in your body: first of all you become passive to protect yourself, you watch and wish it would just be over. Then secondly you hang on to something that might save you from the danger you face.

Private media broadcasts the news that sell, we know that. But is it surprising that state media only report about negative news or the problems the state itself solved? Of course not! By promoting anything else the state would say: „Actually you don´t need me that much. You will do just fine without me.“

So maybe it is our duty to give the world a more accurate picture of what is going on. Maybe we have to brag a little about what good we do. Because it a good way of bragging and  it encourages other people to do the same . Some day maybe doing good will go without saying because everybody does so.  But let us start today by showing  the  world what good we do.
I am Jonathan. I live without meat. I share clothes with my friends and  family. I always give money to the musicians on the street and if I don´t have any we chat. And I try to make people smile. I hope I succeeded today.

What about you? Tell me in the comments.

Here is a list of more easy and fun ways to do good: